At the heart of Corporate Giveaway’s business concept is the possibility to easily customize and personalize products in line with your corporate identity or personal ideas. Logos, slogans or initials can be placed on all our products to best suit their purpose.

The quality of our products in combination with the chosen degree of customization will convey your company’s image and let your employees, business partners or customers feel the appreciation you’d like to express.

In order to best emphasize the value of the product and to protect it from damages, you can choose the type of packaging you prefer. Well-designed cardboard boxes and re-usable cotton bags are among the choices. Simply select them together with the product.

All we need from you is a graphic file of your logo, your slogan or the initials you’d like to see on the selected products. Within minutes after the upload, we’ll provide you with mock-up images that show the customized products.

How to do it?

Please use the selection button below to upload your logo (*.png, *.ai work best for us) and the entry field next to it for any slogan or initials you’d like to see on your products.

What happens after the upload?

After the successful upload of your logo or slogan and a selection of the products you’re interested in, we’ll get to work and prepare the mock-up images. We’ll send you those per email together with an offer indicating all relevant information.

Should you have any special ideas or wishes, please feel free to let us know about them. We’ll gladly get in touch with you to discuss those and to make them happen.

Fill out the form and send an inquiry!

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