With every giveaway handed to employees, business partners and customers you’re conveying the image of your company. We do not see any room for compromises there, and thus the idea and concept of Corporate Giveaways is based on the philosophy of high quality of products and service alike.

For leather and wooden products, we inform you about the material and indicate if those are being hand-made. For our hand-made products, we can ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and the maximum level of attention to detail. Both natural materials and the manual production process can lead to minor differences between products of the same line. We kindly ask you to take that into consideration.

Leather goods

Our leather goods and products are hand-made in wonderful Slovenia by a team of senior leatherworkers and cordwainers. They love what they do, and you will be able to see and feel that. The leather they choose is from high-quality tanneries from Italy and Scotland, which do not only produce highest quality of Nappa, Nubuck and Box categories of leather but do also obey to the highest environmental standards.

Wooden goods

Most of Corporate Giveaway’s wooden goods are produced in Northern Italy by experienced Slovenian and Italian woodworkers and manufacturers. They solely work with wood of European origin that was grown and cut in a sustainable manner.

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